The Grass Isn’t Always Greener.

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It may sound counter intuitive for a recruitment company to be telling people to stick with their jobs but here where are. We speak to 1000s of crew every year and are constantly wondering why some are wanting to leave their jobs. We hear many reasons why crew might be leaving a yacht and some […]

How Crew Agents Get A Bad Rep

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I was contacted by a crew member of ours who asked if we could have a call do discuss a situation over the weekend. After a lengthy call, he laid out what had happened to him. He is currently employed and although he is happy enough, he is looking to step up into a higher […]

Is Longevity Still Relevant?

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Does working on a yacht for a long period of time really make you better than another candidate? Well, I believe it does but only to a certain extent. The industry is changing, growing and evolving quickly and I’m finding myself thinking “back in my day!” way too often. I’m not that old, am I? […]

“No South Africans Please”

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This blog is not intended to be divisive, but I feel that it is something that needs to be addressed. I was asked to weigh in on whether any nationality appears most prevalent in yachting by a yachting publication recently. As far as I can tell it is South Africans by some margin but why […]

I Hated Crew Agents. So I Became One.

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It’s 2009 and I’m Second Officer on a 90m yacht. As the Chief Officer was on leave the captain had asked me to find a new Bosun for our deck team.I knew some good candidates personally but as the yacht had just paid a yearly subscription to use one of the big crew agencies for […]

Your First Yachting Job

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Landing a job can often feel like an uphill battle, I know this from personal experience.This med season seems to have been an unusually busy one for junior crew. I have spokenwith numerous applicants who mentioned struggling to compete with the hundreds of othereager crew.That said, believe it or not, we have also interviewed more […]

We are in the business of finding ‘unicorns’

Don Yacht Crew Agent

“We are in the business of finding ‘unicorns’” – As Featured On Superyacht Times Recently Don sat down with the Superyacht Times to discuss why we started, what we do, how we understand and assist in crew management & what role we play in the superyacht industry. Click here to read the full article.

Fake Jobs

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The med summer is almost upon us, schedules have been finalized, charters are booked, private jets are on stand by and the Monaco GP is on. The show is definitely going on in 2021. We have been inundated with requests for crew and are happily obliging. While many are happy to be joining new yachts, […]

Meet Our First Ambassador, Al.

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The YOA team is growing!⁠⁠We are excited to start announcing our awesome team of ambassadors who will be located in major yachting hubs around the world.⁠⁠First up is Al White who will be representing us in Auckland, New Zealand. ⁠If you’re looking for crew or work in Auckland make sure you say hi to him […]

Branching out

Branching Out Yoa Super Yacht Agency

While we are all managing the fallout of COVID-19, one of the many things that emerged during the chaos is that we’re all in this together. Yachting is a team sport and we learn early on in our careers that no one can do it all on their own. You need to build the best […]