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Why Yoa

Doing Things

“YOA is a breath of fresh air and just what we needed. The yachting industry is saturated with agencies and job/crew search websites, all bearing pros and cons…”

Josh Mangakahia - Chief Officer

We are Yachties
Like You

Our team has worked all over the world on some of the most prestigious superyachts. We understand your frustrations when it comes to finding crew and jobs.

The industry previously known as Yachting has evolved into Super yachting, Mega yachting and now incredibly Giga yachting. We believe that recruiting and traditional ways of thinking about how to place crew and find work on these yachts needs to follow suit.

We’ve listened, and continue to listen, to you, countless colleagues and friends about what you think would make finding crew and work more efficient, enjoyable and cost effective today.

Why Choose Yoa For Superyacht Recruitment

Personable Service

One on one boutique service with big team support. We love building great relationships with clients and crew.

150+ years
combined experience

The YOA Team is made up of former captains and HODs with a huge network who have been in your shoes before.

Serious About Privacy

We take your privacy seriously. We do not share any sensitive information and your details can be completely hidden at all times if required.

Clever Technology

Combining ever evolving techology and traditional techiniques, YOA always has an advantage over the others.

Caring for others and
the environment

We donate to the great team at YachtAid Global. Get involved with our beach cleanups and tree planting events in your area.

MLC Approved

YOA is an MLC approved recruitment agency.

Why Yoa - Best Yacht Recruitment Agency

The relationships we build with one another during the time spent in this wonderful, sometimes crazy industry is what binds us.

YOA believes there is 3 degrees of separation between all yachties. We have tapped into this and created technology that allows us all to link into an invaluable network . It also allows you to keep in touch with friends and former crew mates in the industry (or remain hidden if you choose).

There’s more to yachties than a 2 page CV so we allow people to showcase not only their skills and experience but their personalities as well. This helps employers choose the right fit and for crew to stand out from the crowd.

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