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YOA Opens!

Yoa Finally Opens It's Doors To The Super Yacht Industry

On April 30th YOA finally opens it’s ‘doors’ to the Super Yacht Industry.

2 years after Don and Tom talked over the phone on other sides of the world about a little idea we are proud to see it up and running.

1000s of emails, phone calls and messages have brought us to where we are now.

Huge thanks to the talented, professional and friendly team at Swordfox www.swordfox.co.nz . Our incredibly talented friends Ming and Keith for their awesome images > www.mingnomchong.com > www.facebook.com/proshoot . Also the countless friends, family and industry contacts for the support, ideas and advice.

We truly hope you enjoy it and that YOA proves to be a helpful tool in the super yacht industry.

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